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Ohtsu is known for making some very good tires, and the FP8000 summer high performance tire continues that trend. We involved many people and research and development teams to create best price-to-quality ratio for tires we could. This model has a directional tread pattern with silica tread compound for enhanced grip and control. Dual tread compound and 3-D rounded tread blocks create unique surface that enhances summer driving experience. FP8000 specially engineered to have a continuous center rib and five linear responsive ribs which quicken steering response and provide good handling feel during whole drive session. Side-shifted random pitch differences of the tread blocks work to make road noise nearly non-existent.

While Ohtsu FP8000 model is more affordable than many other high performance summer tires, however it is of great value and does not lack many features. Compared to others, dry performance is great and driving experience on wet pavement is exceptional. You would be surprised how good the grip is in the corners. As it was said, for ultra-high performance tires noise on roads is almost undetectable. FP8000 is created for you to have smooth ride.

After buying so considerably competitively priced set of new tires, you would be surprised how good they are. Even more, after some miles you would definitely uncover your car’s true potential in summer conditions. For your confidence in our services we provide each tire with mileage warranty for up to 80k miles, time period of several years or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth. This insures our customers loyalty and help other people make Ohtsu Tires FP8000 as their rubber of choice.

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Good, and even exceptional, traction, cornering etc. could not come from smooth rubber. At Ohtsu Tires we put much effort in research and development of unique and useful tread patterns that would satisfy needs of our customers. Ohtsu Tires FP7000 is not exception. Non-directional tread pattern looks good and performs well. Continuous center rib would help with steering response and control on highway. Cornering and braking, as well as traction, are improved with larger outside shoulder blocks. These blocks increase control on dry surfaces, while depth of lateral grooves reduce gliding on wet pavement. What about rubber itself, we combined materials to make this classic all-season tire model of great value. You have to run it at your proper size without having to stretch it as it is not a stance tire.

While this model is not Falken Ohtsu FP7000 (Ultra High Performance), exceptional summer or winter tires, FP7000 is all-season model of great value. It does not matter if you drive on dusty dry roads, on highway during pouring rain or even on light snow, you would have full control of your vehicle, because we want you to have it. Smart engineering and efficient manufacturing allowed us to give your car increased traction, cornering, and last, but not the least, braking capabilities. You would not hear them as well as they are close to silent during medium to high speeds. Talking about speeds, Ohtsu FP7000 tires have speed ratings of H, V and W, which means comfortable control on speeds from 0 to 130 or even 170 mph.

Ohtsu FP7000 is our successful attempt in touring tires. We provided our customers with the ultimate all-season tire solution. And, as a Japan company, we would not forget our customer after payment as we provide him or her with our services and exceptional Ohtsu Tires mileage warranty, that vary from 30k to 80k miles. For even more serenity of our clients we make our tires with tread wear indicators, so they would know when it is the right time to get another new set of rubber from Ohtsu Tires.

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  • Symmetrical tread pattern
  • Tread compound with M+S rating
  • Non-directional tires
  • Continuous center lib with offset tread blocks
  • Four circumferential grooves
  • Joint-less nylon cap ply

From time to time, you lift some people, transport stuff or just want to get things done with your SUV or crossover. To make sure you would succeed we offer you our tire ST5000. If you are on highway, dry or wet, in mud or even light snow, you could rely on this model to be reliable at all the rims. ST5000 is designed for longer tread life as it is non-directional. Wet pavement and hydroplaning are not concerns from the moment you install our product. Handling and cornering grip is much better from what you could expect at that price point. Vehicle feels more responsive and you feel better control overall. You would definitely admire breaking capabilities of Ohtsu ST 5000. This tire has great durability for driving at different speeds. Combine this with good noise reduction and you would definitely want to buy a new set of tires for your SUV.

We think that most of our customers want to maximize usage of their SUV’s, and our goal is to help them do this as affordable as possible. In addition, we want to keep you up and running with our 40k mileage warranty. Ohtsu Tires ST5000 is a reliable choice for everyone who expects capable and affordable tires.

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AT4000 is a tougher all-season tire created for comfort and good usability. We know that when you drive your SUV, crossover or light truck you want to get the most out of it, and our goal is to help you achieve this. Tread compound is made out of unique polymers and orange oil. Combine this with twin steel belts inside and nylon cap ply and you get great durability on and off road, puncture resistance and increased traction. Random tread blocks positions cancel noise on highways much better than you could expect. Deep dynamic grooves are wave-like, deliver extra traction and grip in all-terrain conditions.

Ohtsu AT4000 is an exceptional model for the value. Our customers share their experiences and stories, which are strongly positive. When you are wearing a set of our all-terrain tires, you could expect great on and off-road driving experience. On highways the traction, handling and braking is exceptional, while noise is almost non-existent. When getting off-road – drive with confidence, as Ohtsu AT tires would provide you with all the durability and grip you need to overcome any obstacle.

While Ohtsu AT4000 is not top of the line product, it satisfies all the needs for the great value. Provided features are found on more expensive models as we want to give you the freedom from tight budget and help you unleash your vehicle’s potential. We are proud to share with our achievements in all-terrain tire industry.